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aReW recordings presents [RW-061] Public Domain - Amazing Sourcery

The Public Domain takes from it's name sake,
views and manipulates, edits and comments.
Taking the elements from around us and making them into music.
A collage of reality, times, experience.
This being evolved towards radio, records and the internet.
Making them anew into a voyage of our perception.
The mirror of the collective unconscious.
Including voyeurism and black humour.
Reflecting the things we love, and placing thing in ridicule.
Putting the disparate and colliding them, in carefull randomness.
We make a true statement of the Public domain
Playing with endless juxtaposition, and the media's they a show.
A love of sound.
Public domain is a based in central London.
and is Jane Burton & Doris Lake.
We hear the bells of Big Ben..


Run time 44 minutes


Reviewer: METEK - - February 5, 2012
Subject: ultra abstract amazingness !!
yes yes yes . goddamn .. I'm speechless